Yes….!!! It does…!! You just need to believe…. ✨✨✨

It’s been a week or maybe more than that , I established my account on word press but my blogs are not getting much of attention because I know it takes time to build a community on such a platform ✨ but you know what keeps me going..??? It is that I “believe” a good day is awaiting for me and soon i will have people around who would love my blogs 😊❤️ (hopefully 😉)..!!

“Believing” is the best key to fight against any situation in your life because if you believe (just believe) that any blunder in your life is going to be super fine one day .. thannnn…. bravo…!! you are on a right path 😊😊👍🏻👍🏻 because it takes a whole lot of courage to believe and to be positive about your surroundings and situations….!!!

I have got no idea 💡 about what situation you are facing right now in your life but the only thing i know is and would want u to acknowledge is that , BELIEVING IN GOD AND BELIEVING IN YOURSELF is enough for you to make you go through the hard times… 😘😊😊💫

I hope 🤲🏻 that the one who is reading this will have a wonderfully “wonderful” life ahead ❤️❤️ and will not stop believing even if the situations are not in his/her favour…!!!

So ..!!! Never stop believing 👍🏻 your time will definitely come .. if not now than ✨ maybe later … 🌸🌸

Love and prayers… 💫💫✨✨🤲🏻🌸

MS.SAKU ❤️❤️

God’s gifted life…!!!! 💫

“Huh..!!! Don’t you think that the reason “God himself breathed life in you” and “he flows through you” is enough to make your life a better place to live in..?? Well I highly believe in this and this is what makes my life better place to live in … If You are in search of happiness then the first key element you will have to inculcate is to “open your hearts of compassion” , a heart which is ready to help anyone and anytime this will also help you feel satiate about your good side.

Embracing problems is a real task in our lives but always take them as challenges offered by our very own almighty because he wants his kids to be strong , faithful and hardworking and most importantly he wants us to learn from these challenges and make ourselves resistant towards tough situation … so whenever encountering with any sort of problem just take a deep breath and smile with a positive attitude by assuming that these negatives are not meant for whole of our lives , you will eventually find these hill like problems extremely meek .. believe it.

The trump card which is to be played for feeling satisfied is to stop comparing your problems with their highlights because no one in this world is spared from problems everyone has their own problems to be dealt with … so stay focused on solving the problems rather than counting on what the other person has it in his life.

To stay alive optimism is an essential essence of life … hahah I have a small fun regime to be followed … watch yourself in the mirror and just say this simple phrase by pointing yourself “God has made a masterpiece ” this will indeed work and will not only decrease the degree of negativity but will also boost you with lots of confidence and self love.

So keep going and believe in yourself. ❤



I love writing about what my inner self feels regarding different aspects of life ✌❤ and today in this blog i would like to share this master piece written by me which reflects  upon LIFE AS A COLORING CANVAS and how you can make it captivating by the special framework of your uniqueness…!!! 

Well everyone has a different point of view towards “what life really is?” , some assumes it to be a happiness program and some people believes it to be as a challenge which is to be lived by everyone of us and some says its your greatest teacher because the highs and lows you go through during your life time teaches you more than any teacher in your life but how about linking Life with Art and Colors because certainly i believe its an art of coloring each others life with ethereal colors of righteousness.. 

So here is what i think life really is in my words or say what i assume it to be 😇💓 


Certainly its an exceptionally special gifted “CANVAS” from the master of all i.e. the one and all our “ALMIGHTY” , and to take care of this wonderful article of god that we have received from him , our only duty is to color it as beautifully and preciously as we can with aesthetic colors of love, happiness,  kindness, loyalty, forgiveness and togetherness…..

since nothing is perfect in this world you would always face cascade of challenges while making the” PERFECT” to” ALMOST PERFECT ” and to do this the foremost “hard task” for us to interdigitate our internal “MERAKI” with our own canvases (life) through fragile yet strong fibers of love and purity to bring about the best canvas painting which would not only leave the imprints of your goodness in millions of hearts but would also leave an everlasting reverberation.

In this field of “ART” , lord is our master and we are his disciples he is there to constantly examine us and to keep his eyes on us whether we are busy working upon our canvases to fill them with scintillation of virtues or busy deteriorating others’ piece of art(life) perhaps with unreal and dark colors of hatred, lie and jealousy.. 

we might get hurdles in this journey of ours but we gotta remember to keep on moving with smiles on our faces breaking the monotony of sadness during tough times. 

Just when a flower blossoms from the very point it starts diffusing its beautiful aroma all around then why cant we as humans spread love and eunoia which can indeed make our surroundings more fragrant and lovable.  

so lets spread love and bleed your hearts out with kindness because love is above all and it will be a reason for you to live and kindness will be a reason for others to believe in love and alluring hearts. 

I hope you loved reading this…
💓 I know its a long way to go and i need to improve myself…       

Comment below about “how you take your life to be as..?? ” ❤️❤️

MS.SAKU ❤️❤️

Let’s authenticate ourselves..!! ❤️❤️

Yes… your authentic self is the best established version of who u r ? , because that proves to be the greatest element which differentiates you from others..!!!! You think 🤔 you have lesser talents in comparison to others so let me tell you darling..!!


Sometimes we think that what are we doing in our lives ..??? , when half of our mates just going around and doing wonders in their lives…!!!! We vividly ask ourselves “are we that less useful?” But we must need to clean our very fresh soil from such derogatory indirect comments for ourselves because this is the only soil which is going to provide us everything to grow .. so u must choose wisely what nutrients to add on..!!!!

Authenticate yourself and authenticate your life 💫💫 so that you have a copyright © of who you are…!!! Choose the correct soil to grow in , be kind and be wise..!! YOU ARE DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS’ god has blessed you with immense amount of talent and with that he has already set the path for you to search your talent… so waittttt and don’t prophesy anything shoddy for yourself and just BELIEVE because one day you will establish yourself completely and soon you will be highly AUTHENTICATED..!!!

You are one of a kind .. 😊😊🤲🏻❤️

MS. SAKU ❤️❤️

Don’t worry..!!!

Don’t worry…!!!!! Everything will be alright…!!! Maybe they got it now because the god wants the BEST for you..!!! 😊😊❤️❤️💫💫💫 you just keep on showing your efforts as much as you can..!!! 💫💫 he has everything set for you in the long run 😊🤲🏻 and the only thing he wants back from us is to BELIEVE in him ❤️❤️🤲🏻🤲🏻..!!! God wants us to make more resistive, more kind and more patient …!!! 💫💫

I hope you get everything and anything you wish for..!! 😊😊 we all are flawed but still worthy to get the best in our lives..!!! Live a positive life with full of contentment and “hardwork” because that makes you more powerful and shapes the best person out of you and gives you a stronger reason to believe in god … ❤️❤️



MS. SAKU ❤️❤️

For a reason…!!!

Hey ..!!! We all love getting compliments 🥰 from others but during this course 🙈 we are likely to become increasingly obsessed with ourselves 🤩🤩 but sometimes I think how beautiful 🤲🏻🤲🏻 it would be to rather seek more for blessings than compliments from others …!!!!

Have u ever felt that earthly pleasure after receiving blessings from someone when u helped them out with all the intensity u could..??? Yaaa..??? If yes ..!! Thn thats what your heart and soul wants more of , feed them with this feeling as much as u can and believe me no one else’s soul would be more satiated than yours on this planet earth..!!!

We all want prayers and blessings to fight against tough situations in our lives but only “wanting” would not do the justice..!! Always believe in giving more than u receive 😊 , if u receive blessings convert them into prayers for others and try to do that as much as possible on your part because the more u give the more u get..!!!

Living for a reason is important and your reason could be as simple as collecting “BLESSINGS” ❤️❤️..!!!

You are one of a kind person through which god has decided to flow through ..!!! So be kind and love each person u encounter with in your life and bless them with whatever they want to have in their lives because YOU ARE NOT JUST REPRESENTING YOURSELF OR YOUR FAMILY , FRIENDS AND TEACHERS BUT YOU ARE REPRESENTING ALMIGHTY SO GIVE , LOVE AND PRAY WITH FULL FORCE INTENSITY..!!!! 💫💫